Tasks and targets

Classical archaeology is the study of the ancient cultural and intellectual history of the Mediterranean region and neighboring areas and encompasses the material legacy of ancient Greek and Roman culture. It also researches their predecessors and after-effects as well as their peripheral areas and connections to neighboring cultures. The subject focuses on the methodologically complex research and communication of ancient imagery, architecture, religion, social and economic structures and everyday culture.
The Institute of Classical Archaeology (IKA) at the University of Vienna has two professorships in Classical Archaeology (Prof. Schörner, Prof. Mac Sweeney), one professorship in Late Antiquity and Early Christian Archaeology (Prof. Hamarneh) and five assistant positions. Around 250 students are currently studying Classical Archaeology.
Following the tradition of the Vienna Institute, the focus of the Institute's work is on the study of ancient culture in its entirety and with the inclusion of neighboring disciplines. Students and graduates of the Institute are involved in all the projects listed below, with participation ranging from the acquisition of practical experience to Master's theses and dissertations or independent project work. Naturally, these research interests are also given special consideration in teaching.
An image database, part of the UNIDAM project, provides image material for teaching and research.
The IKA publishes the journal "Mitteilungen zur Christlichen Archäologie" as well as the monograph series "Wiener Forschungen zur Archäologie" and "Kataloge der Archäologischen Sammlung". During the academic year, guest lectures and in-house colloquia are regularly held in which national and international scholars report on their research.