New research in Haliartos (Boeotia): revisiting Greek urban architecture and urbanism through the ages

IKA online Kolloquium

Lieve Donnellan (Universität Melbourne)

Di, 29.6.2021, 18 Uhr s. t. online

Lieve Donnellan (Universität Melbourne)

A recent research project in Haliartos has aimed at studying the visible standing architectural remains intra muros. After the destruction by the Romans in 171BC, the city was not reoccupied in a significant manner and the preservation of the remains is excellent. The research has provided an opportunity to reflect on current methodologies for surveying architecture. Despite the existence of well-established methods for conducting ceramic survey, it is only recently that archaeologists have started to discuss architecture survey in more depth. The preliminary research results at Haliartos, moreover, invite to rethink the concept of early Greek urbanism. This talk will present the work, now being prepared for publication, and highlight some of the methods that have been employed. It will be proposed that the nature of the built environment that was documented challenges current ideas of polis formation and urbanization.

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