(Re)presenting Carthage: The image of an ancient site and its importance for present-day politics

IKA online Kolloquium

Pieter ter Keurs (Universität Leiden)

Di, 27.4.2021, 18 Uhr s. t. online

Pieter ter Keurs (Universität Leiden)

The present-day image of the ancient site of Carthage evolves around two well-known facts: 1. Carthage is the birthplace of Hannibal, the genius general who threatened Rome, and 2. Carthage has been destroyed by the Romans in 146 BCE. In the preparation phase of an exhibition planned at the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden in 2014 this image of Carthage seemed to be a godsend gift for marketing the exhibition. At the same time it was a disturbing straightjacket, since these two elements of Carthage's image are not suited to give a balanced view on the history of this fascinating city state. Hannibal left the city as a young child and one cannot do justice to a culture by focusing on its destruction.
This lecture will highlight some of the many different images of Carthage, up to modern times, and discuss the way these images are inbedded in societal circumstances. This throws light on the choices made for the exhibition.

Der Vortrag findet am 27.4.2021 um 18 Uhr online statt.

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The three main layers at Carthage: Punic, Roman and French