Highland and lowland settlements in Roman and Late Roman central Phoenicia – the case of Chhim and Jiyeh (Porphyreon)


IKA online Kolloquium

Tomasz Waliszewski (University of Warsaw)

Di, 4.5.2021, 18 Uhr s. t. online

Tomasz Waliszewski (University of Warsaw)

This lecture examines correlation between the settlement patterns and the landscape of the hinterland of Sidon in Phoenicia. The closer look at two rural settlements at Chhim and Jiyeh (Porphyreon), one located in the foothills of Mount Lebanon, the other on the seashore, shows convincingly how two agglomerations separated merely by a distance of a few kilometers can be different in terms of building material, spatial organization of the village or house and a role played in the local economic system. So different, both villages experienced nevertheless close relationships revealed by the results of ceramological and environmental studies based on the excavated material.

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