IMSW – 45th International Mediterranean Survey Workshop


1st – 2nd December, 2023

Venue: Institute of Classical Archaeology at the University of Vienna
Franz-Klein-Gasse 1, 1190 Vienna

Location: google-maps


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Presentation slots are 30 minutes (20 minutes paper and 10 minutes discussion)

Friday, 1st December 2023

12.45-13.00    Welcome and opening remarks

Session 1     Approaches to survey data and methodology

13.00-13.30    Martijn van Leusen – Tymon de Haas (Groningen Institute of Archaeology): Towards re-usability of survey data and documentation: Update on the FIDO and SEMAFORA projects

13.30-14.00    Victorino Mayoral Herrera (Instituto de Arqueología de Mérida): Good practice vs real practice: How can we help to improve survey methods when time and money rule? [online]


Session 2     Italy

14.00-14.30    Valentina Limina (University Louvain-la-Neuve):
Rethinking ancient landscapes in northern Tuscany: RELOAD, preliminary results from the first survey campaign.

14.30-15.00    Wieke de Neef (University of Bamberg) – Peter Attema (University of Groningen) – Antonio Larocca (Gruppo Speleologico ‘Sparviere’): High-altitude impact: The Pollino Archaeological Landscape Project

15.00-15.30    Johannes Bergemann – Rebecca Klug (University Göttingen): A New Project in Sicily: Vizzini (Catania) – Where Paolo Orsi did not receive a warm welcome

15.30-16.00    Coffee/tea break


Session 3    Balkans

16.00-16.30    Michael Doneus (University of Vienna) – Nives Doneus (University of Vienna) – Dave Cowley (Historic Environment Scotland, Edinburgh): Spatio-Temporal Interpretation of a Dry Stone Walled Landscape on the Island of Cres (Croatia) Using Digital Feature Models from Airborne Laser Scanning

16.30-17.00    Nives Doneus – Michael Doneus (University of Vienna): Roman land use and remote sensing survey data: Case study of Medulin Bay, Istria, Croatia

17.00-17.30    Patrick T. Willett (University at Buffalo) – Edlira Andoni (Institute of Archaeology in the Centre for Albanian Studies, Tirana) – Jana Anvari (University of Cologne): Contextualizing the Neolithic of the Korça Plain, Part II: Highland interfaces

19.00        Social dinner (for speakers, chairs and organizers) Venue: Gaststätte "Fischer Bräu", Billrothstraße 17, 1190 Wien;


Saturday, 2nd December 2023

9.00-9.30    Coffee and cake


Session 4    Greece

9.30-10.00    Alex R. Knodell (Carleton College, Northfield/MN) et al.: Regional Survey in the Eastern Cyclades: Island Size, Nodality, and Occupational History

10.00-10.30    Emeri Farinetti – Matteo Rossi (University Roma tre): (Re)surveying forested areas.: The effects of wildfires on survey data


Session 5    Iberian Peninsula I

10.30-11.00    Florian Hermann – Felix Teichner (University of Marburg, Germany): "Where the land ends and the sea begins" (Luís de Camões, Os Lusíadas):  Non-invasive fieldwork in the landscape of the western End of the Roman Empire

11.00-11.30    Coffee/tea break

Session 6    Türkiye

11.30-12.00    Birgül Öğüt (University Freiburg) – Matthias Lange (Humboldt University Berlin) – Murat Dirican (Austrian Archaeological Institute): The second season (2023) of the "Land of the Stormgod Survey" Gaziantep/Türkiye: What has changed?

12.00-12.30    Sara Rapp – Bernhard Ludwig (German Archaeological Institute (DAI)): Bozköy-Gilmandere. A Roman-Byzantine rural settlement in the Pergamon Micro-Region (Turkey). Geophysical prospection and field surveys between 2011 and 2022

12.30-14.00    Lunch break


Session 7    Cyprus

14.00-14.30    Polte de Weird (Free University Brussels): Portrait of collective communities: The diachronic spatial configuration at the Late Bronze Age site complex of Hala Sultan Tekke, Cyprus


Session 8    Iberian Peninsula II    

14.30-15.00    Günther Schörner – Tomáš Sobihard (University of Vienna): Suburbium and hinterland of Miróbriga: In search of agricultural production sites through on-site and off-site surveys

15.00-15.30    Ines Guth – Julia Mišek – Günther Schörner (University of Vienna): A City and its suburb: Fineware consumption in and around Regina Turdulorum


Session 8    Roman Urbanism

15.30-16.15    John Bintliff (University of Edinburgh) – Luuk de Ligt (Leiden University): Rethinking the Roman City: Insights from the European Project

16.15-16.45    Closing discussion